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99 Gifts for Whiskey Lovers

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‘Tis the season for gift-giving and if you’ve got a whiskey drinker in your life, this list is the only guide you need to find the perfect gift. From gifts for bourbon lovers to whiskey gift sets, custom glassware to funny gag gifts, we’ve rounded up the best gifts for whiskey lovers on the internet!

Kits & Whiskey Gift Sets

1.) The Ultimate Whiskey Aroma Kit

This kit is for the true whiskey aficionado, with 88 different whiskey aromas, a board game, and a manual to help you train your nose and appreciate the aromas of each whiskey.

2.) Whiskey Chilling Stones Gift Set

Enjoy a cold whiskey without watering it done with this beautiful whiskey stones set. This set comes with chilling stones, slate coasters and crystal glasses for a complete gift set.

3.) Bourbon Smoking Kit

If you know someone who loves a good smoked old fashioned, this is the gift for them! This kit allows you to easily infuse smoke into your cocktails at home, no need to head to a fancy cocktail bar!

4.)Personalized Whiskey Making Kit

Make whiskey drinking a little more fun with the help of a personalized whiskey making kit. Have their name put right on the kit. It’s a great gift that any whiskey lover would adore.

5.) Crown Royal Zippo Lighter

This one is for the Crown Royal lovers, a Zippo wind-proof lighter featuring the whiskey brand name on the outside.

6.) Drinking Game for Adults

While technically you can play this fun adult party game with any liquor, whiskey makes it even better!

7.) Whiskey Lovers Gift Set

If you’re looking for something elegant and affordable, consider this whiskey gift set with two crystal glasses, whiskey stones (to avoid watery drinkss!) and more The gift is perfect for a birthday, Christmas, or as a random gift!

8.) Bourbon Nosing Kit

Help the Bourbon lover in your life get more acquainted with their whiskey. This nosing kit will help anyone become more in tune with the flavors offered in Bourbon.

9.)Personalized Decanter Set

A personalized gift is always well appreciated. This set is the perfect set of whiskey glasses for the spirit lover of your life.

10.) Smoked Cocktail Kit Gift Set

You can’t go wrong grabbing this cocktail gift set! It’s a smoking tray that also comes with smoking chips and a torch.

whiskey making kit - gifts for whiskey lovers

11.) Whiskey Making Kit

This is a great beginner’s whiskey making kit, with everything you need to create 2 bottles of whiskey for just $60!

12.) Old Fashioned Whiskey Infusion Kit

Not all whiskey is created equal. This whiskey infusion kit allows you to add your favorite rye or bourbon. Making your own cocktails just got a whole lot easier and more fun!

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Gifts for Whiskey Lovers Under $20

If you’re looking for gifts for whiskey lovers under $20, there are still plenty of options!

13.) Whiskey Glass & Shot Glass Gift Set

Looking for a whiskey glass and shot glass combo? This is a great gift set for someone who enjoys drinking at home with friends.

14.) Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Another perfect gift set for the whiskey lover in your life. Made out of 100% natural wood and stone, you can’t go wrong making this gift.

15.) Whiskey: A Global History

Give someone the gift of knowledge with this book. With 144 pages, they can learn everything they need to know about whiskey.

16.) Tears of My Enemies Funny Hip Flask

You can’t go wrong buying the whiskey lover in your life this hip flask. It will hold up to 6 ounces of your favorite whiskey!

17.) Custom Pour Line Whiskey Glass

A custom pour whiskey glass is just what the doctor ordered. Grab this custom glass and watch how much more fun it is to drink whiskey!

18.) Whiskey Lip Balm Repair

A whiskey lover needs to repair their lips too. The taste of whiskey on your lips will be so sweet thanks to this lip balm.

19.) Chocisky Islay Whiskey Chocolate

Upgrade the flavor of your whiskey thanks to these flavor disks. Choose from complex and simple flavors to make your whiskey drinking quite the experience.

Best gifts for whiskey lovers - whiskey playing cards

20.) Whiskey Lover Playing Cards

The person that LOVES whiskey in your life will enjoy these playing cards. They are the ideal gift for birthdays or Christmas!

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Whiskey Glassware Gifts

21.) Whiskey Flight Set with 4 Glasses

Made with industrial pipe and burnt wood, this is the perfect serving tray with glasses to use when hosting guests.

22.) Crown Royal Whisky Personalized Engraved Bottle/Decanter

If you’re looking for a gift for a Crown Royal lover, this is the perfect one! Make sure that special someone in your life feels appreciated with this personalized engraved bottle. You can choose the message you’d like to display on it.

23.) His and Hers Square Rocks Whiskey Glasses 

For that whiskey-loving couple in your life, you can’t go wrong with these his and hers whiskey glasses. They’re durable and have such a unique appearance.

24.) “Now You May Speak” Whiskey Glass

Any whiskey lover with a good sense of humor would love this glass. Not only can they drink from it, but they can also show off their sarcastic side!

25.) Gold Cocktail Drinkware

These beautiful glasses are worth adding to any whiskey enthusiast’s collection. When not in use, they are beautiful just on display!

26.) Pet Photo Custom Glasses

Who wouldn’t want to drink from a glass that has their pet’s photo displayed on it? These custom glasses are such a cute and fun gift for both pet lovers and whiskey lovers!

27.) Japanese Style Handmade Whiskey Glass 

For a unique whiskey glass that your whiskey lover likely doesn’t already have, try these Japanese style glasses!

28.) Hardwood Whiskey Glass Bundle

This whiskey glass bundle is sealed with natural beeswax. These handcrafted glasses make an ideal bundle for anyone!

29.) Stiletto Heel Whiskey Decanter

Got a heel lover and a whiskey lover on your hands? This whiskey decanter is the perfect gift. You can fill it with whiskey, vodka, or Bourbon!

30.) Personal Whiskey Decanter

Decanters are great for filling up with liquid on your own. Grab this personalized decanter for the person in your life!

40.) Female Literature Rocks Glasses

Iconic feminist tales are what these glasses display! Go ahead and grab these whiskey glasses for the female who loves a good drink.

41.) Stainless Steel Whiskey Glasses

You can really make sure your whiskey stays cold thanks to these stainless steel whiskey glasses. Gift these to the whiskey lover in your life that enjoys a nice cold glass of liquor.

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Tumblers, Coozies, Books & More

42.) Whiskey Limited Edition Book

In need of a whiskey bible? This book has over 700 varieties from around the world. You can get to know the types of whiskey in the world with this book. Perfect for a person who loves to read and learn!

43.) Insulated Whiskey Glass and Stainless Steel Sleeve

If you’re going to enjoy a drink, it might as well be a cold one. Go ahead and splurge on this whiskey glass and stainless sleeve because it’s the very best out there!

44.) The Ultimate Guide to the Spirit with Tasting Notes

Sometimes you just need someone to walk you through the tasting notes of whiskey. This book can walk you through the process! A perfect gift for someone curious about whiskey and its flavors.

45.) A Tasting Course: A new way to Think and Drink Whiskey

Need a gift idea for someone special? This gift is a course on tasting whiskey. The person you buy this for will know everything there is to know about whiskey!

46.) Whiskey Coaster

Do you know someone that always has a glass of whiskey in their hands? If that’s the case, then this Whiskey Coaster will be just what they need.

47.) Infuse & Pour Alcohol Kit

If you know someone that wants to infuse their own whiskey, then this gift is for them. They can infuse and pour their own alcohol with this awesome kit!

48.) Whiskey Enhancing Oak Chillers

Did you know you can enhance the flavor of whiskey? It’s true! Using these chillers, you can make ice cubes inside of these oak-flavored wood molds.

49.)Ancient Rocks – Prehistoric Whiskey Stones

A history buff would really appreciate learning about whiskey stones. Grab these Hand-extracted Precambrian stones to help make your spirits cold and to add a little charm to your drink.

50.) Whiskey Chilling Coaster Set

Whiskey lovers LOVE coaster sets. Don’t be shy in making sure they have the best whiskey set out there with the help of this fantastic set!

51.) Cocktail-Enhancing Mists

Now is your chance to enhance those cocktails of yours! These enhancing mists can make your cocktails taste that much better. This is a great gift idea!

52.) Smoked Cocktail Class

Sometimes you need to gift the gift of knowledge to someone. With this class, the person you gift it to will be able to spend an hour with a virtual Brooklyn Bartender, learning how to make a drink or two.

53.) Campfire Whiskey Tumbler Set

This campfire whiskey tumbler set is a great gift for anyone needing a whiskey holder! You can carry it around the house for easy access to your drink.

For the Kitchen

54.) Personalized Cutting Board

The kitchen is an important place to spend your time. That’s why this personalized cutting board would make a perfect gift!

55.) Diamond Decanter and Wooden Stand

It’s time to get fancy in the kitchen with this Diamond Decanter. The wooden stand is also a perfect gift to help display the decanter.

56.) Rose Ice Cube Maker

Sometimes you just want to have fun with your drinks. You can have fun with this rose ice cube maker!

57.) Funny Dish Towel That Says “Neat”

If you’re going to enjoy a drink every now and again, you must have a sense of humor. This “Neat” hand towel with a whiskey glass is a great gift option.

58.) Jack Daniel’s Cookbook

It’s time to get familiar with the kitchen again. Imagine what the whiskey lover in your life could make with this Jack Daniel’s cookbook!

59.) Whiskey Recipes Towel Set

You just can’t go wrong with a whiskey towel set. Go ahead and grab this gift set as a gift for someone in your life!

60.) Whiskey Tasting Gift Set

A gift is great, but when you personalize it, it makes it even more amazing. A whiskey tasting gift set is an incredible gift for someone who likes to try new things every now and then!

61.) Funny Kitchen Towel: Smooth As Tennessee Whiskey

Give the gift of humor with this funny kitchen towel. It’s the perfect addition to the kitchen and is great for Tennessee Whiskey lovers.

62.) Whiskey Kitchen Towel: Soup of the day

You can’t go wrong with giving the gift of a kitchen towel. This soft and stylish kitchen towel can come in handy when you’re cooking and making meals in the kitchen.

63.) Reclaimed Bourbon Barrel Chopping Block

Serve flavorful food with whiskey on this incredible chopping black. It’s durable, made with high-quality material, and designed to last, making it the perfect gift.

64.) Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

With this toothpick set, you can easily get rid of food stuck between the teeth while enjoying the fresh flavor of whiskey. What whiskey lover wouldn’t want this gift?

65.) Bourbon Infused Coffee

Combine the taste of two incredible beverages, whiskey and coffee. If you have a whiskey lover in your life who enjoys coffee, this is the gift for them.

Apparel & Accessories

66.) Whiskey Lover Socks

Keep your loved one comfortable with a pair of cozy whiskey lover socks. They can show off their love for whiskey while keeping their feet warm.

67.) “Smooth as Tennessee Whiskey” Shirt 

Buy a gift that lets your loved one show off their passion for whiskey. The stylish shirt looks good, goes with any bottoms, and is super comfortable!

68.) Are We Drunk? Funny Tank

For the sarcastic and humorous drinker in your life, this shirt is a must-have. It’s a bit spicy, but there is nothing wrong with that!

69.) “I Make Whiskey Disappear” T-Shirt

Do you know someone who knows how to make whiskey disappear? If so, this shirt is the perfect gift for them! It’s sure to put a smile on their face while making everyone laugh.

70.) Malt Whiskey T-Shirt 

Let the whiskey lover in your life show off their humorous side with this t-shirt. It’s silly, comfortable, and stylish enough to pair with anything!

71.) “I Need A Huge Glass Of Whiskey” Shirt

Who couldn’t use a huge glass of whiskey? This shirt will become one of your gift recipient’s favorite tees to wear when they’re hanging out with friends and family.

72.) I Like Whiskey Shirt

Support small businesses when you buy this sarcastic yet stylish tee. It’s a comfort item that whiskey lovers can enjoy wearing.

73.) Bourbon Molecule Necklace

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for bourbon lovers and want something a little elegant and classy, this molecule necklace is perfect!

74.) Crown Royal Earrings

These fashionable Crown Royal earrings are perfect for whiskey lovers. They go with all kinds of outfits, including casual clothes, dresses, and more.

75.) “Pour The Whiskey” Necklace 

Provide a humorous, yet stylish gift with this fun necklace. It’s a gift that anyone can wear around their neck!

76.) Fun Halloween Shirt: “My favorite spirit”

For whiskey lovers excited for Halloween, this shirt is an essential garment. It’s a stylish and fun piece to wear, making it an excellent gift.

77.) Whiskey Lover Sweatshirt: “Whiskey Weather”

You know whisky lovers have a little whiskey in them at all times! This custom-made sweatshirt from Etsy is the perfect gift for anyone who drinks whiskey on a regular basis.

78.) Epic Whiskey Soaps

Did you know they make whiskey soaps? Well, now you do! These soaps are great to use in the shower.


79.) Whiskey Indoor or Outdoor Banner

You can’t go wrong with this indoor and outdoor banner. It’s the kind of gift that anyone can hang in their bedroom, man cave, or she shed!

80.) Whiskey Candle

Candle lovers who enjoy whiskey can rejoice with this Northern Lights Whiskey and Tobacco Candle. Not only will it smell good, but it’ll also last a long time.

81.) Crown Royal Whiskey VIP Only Sign

Give the whiskey lover in your life something special to hang on the walls of their home. The LED light sign looks amazing!

82.) Crown Royal Tin Sign

If your whiskey lover has a game room, man cave, or she shed, they’ll love this wall sign. It’s the perfect decorative piece to hang any on any open space.

83.) Crown Royal Whiskey Clock

When you have a whiskey lover who enjoys Crown Royal over all the other brands, this sign is a must-have. They’ll love decorating their home using this bright and bold sign.

84.) Whisky In Cups With Ice Decor

Accentuate the walls of the home with this wall decor. If your gift recipient has space on the walls of their home, they’ll be sure to hang this up right away.

85.) “50 Best Whiskeys” Scratch Off Poster

Who wouldn’t want to put this poster on the walls? Any whiskey lover could give their home a special touch with this scratch off poster.

86.) Whiskey Prints with Special Quotes

Take it an extra step! Instead of posters, you can give the gift of a high-quality print with whiskey-related quotes.

87.) Whisky Tasting Steps Poster

Whiskey lovers know the steps it takes to sip and enjoy. They can show their love for sipping whiskey with this fun poster from Etsy.

88.) Dual Wicked Liquor Candle

Perfect for whiskey lovers who like lighting candles, this soy liquor bottle candle is a must. It’s perfect to put on a night stand or coffee table, too!

89.) Whisky Barrel Double Door Cabinet

Give the perfect gift for whiskey storage. The double door cabinet stores plenty of whiskey bottles to keep them in a secure spot.

90.) Industrial Brass & Copper Drink Dispenser

Check out this incredible whiskey dispenser. Not only does it look good, but it makes it easier to pour whiskey out into glasses!

91.) Bourbon Barrel Chess

For the whiskey enthusiast who loves playing chess, this set is such an incredible gift. The quality goes unmatched. It’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

92.) Bourbon Cocktail Rocks Glass Candle

The perfect gift for whiskey lovers and candle enthusiasts, this cocktail rock glass candle is a must. It’s a collectable piece that your gift recipient can light whenever they want.

Whiskey Party Favors & Gifts

93.) Gold Crown Bottle Opener Party Favors

Get ready for a party with these bottle opener favors. They’re perfect to give out when hosting a party full of whiskey lovers.

94.) Crown Royal Bags

These Crown Royal bags are worth handing out as party favors. You can stuff them with mini bottles of bourbon.

95.) Whiskey Vintage Birthday Party Supplies

Celebrate the special man in your life with these 30th birthday decorations. They’re easy to hang up, durable, and look great.

96.) Whiskey Birthday Party Decor

Who doesn’t love whiskey-themed birthday decorations? These are perfect for all kinds of adult-friendly birthday parties.

97.) Gourmet Alcohol-Infused Popcorn Trio

Have you ever tried alcohol-infused popcorn? If not, you need to taste it! It’s the prefect gift for anyone who loves alcohol and popcorn.

98.) New York Honey & Whiskey Truffles

These honey and whiskey truffles are to die for! Your whiskey-loving gift recipient will enjoy the incredible taste of these treats.

99.) Boozy Caramels 

Why not give the gift of boozy caramels? For candy lovers who are also fans of whiskey, these caramels will surely hit the spot!

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