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99 Gifts for Margarita Lovers

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Looking for the perfect gifts for a margarita lover on your holiday shopping list? We’ve got you covered! We’ve rounded up all the best margarita gifts, from mixology sets to books and apparel. We even found a bunch of margarita lovers gifts under $20! No matter what your budget is, this guide will help you find the best gifts for tequila lovers!

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99 gifts for margarita lovers pin

Margarita Kits & Gift Sets

1. Classic Marg Infusion Kit by InBooze

All the flavor of your favorite classic margarita, with none of the work! Just drop one of these infusion bags in a mason jar of tequila and come back 3 days later to the best, sugar-free margarita you’ve ever tasted!

2. Mixallogy powdered Margarita Cocktail Mix & Mini Shaker Set

Serving drinks at your home just got a lot easier. These margarita powdered drink mixers give you the option to give flavorful drinks to your guests. This set even comes with a mini shaker!

3. Margarita Cocktail Kit: Jalapeno & Mango

Make a perfect sweet and spicy margarita with the fun margarita-making twist provided in this cocktail twist.

4.Premium Margarita Gift Basket Fully Loaded

What better gift than everything you need (and more) to make an epic margarita? This gift basket comes with it all, including a Premium Margarita Cocktail, Mix 3-Piece Bar Shaker, Jose Cuervo Margarita Salt, a Pair of Margarita Glasses, Paqui Salsa Verde’ Chips and Cactus Lollipops.

5. Classic Mexican Cocktail Kit

There is a right way to drink a cocktail and a wrong way. This cocktail kit is without a doubt the right way! Learn how to make a real tequila drink without any hard work. This kit comes with everything you need.

6. Portable Kit for Drinks on the Go, Carry On Cocktail Kit

Give the gift of margaritas on the go with this fun kit! Itwill help you make 2 top-shelf Margaritas wherever you are! You can even add a bottle of their favorite tequila so they have everything they need for margaritas on the go!

7. Margarita Salt Rimmer Kit

Salt or sugar? If salt is the answer, this salt rimmer kit is the perfect gift to give! It comes with 2 pieces of Salt Rimmer in different sizes with a lid. This particular kit is made with bamboo, which means it will last forever and even make an excellent piece of decor.

8. Cocktail Therapy Gift Set

Giving the gift of cocktail therapy is so thoughtful! This gift set includes 4 unique drink mixers with sprinkles, edible pearls & rose petal garnishes. The gift recipient can make Cosmopolitan, Pina Colada, and a Mojito Margarita.

9. 10-piece Cocktail Shaker Bar Set

This is a great gift for someone that loves making cocktails. The set includes a 24 oz shakers with built-in strainer, double sided jigger, liquor pourers, ice tongs, mixing spoon, double lever corkscrew and a bamboo stand. Making the perfect mixed drink just got a whole lot easier.

10. Margarita Cocktail Kit – Set of Rocks Glasses 

Just imagine giving this gift to someone who LOVES making their own margaritas. This gift set is incredible because it includes all of the bar accessories you’d need to make a marg. You can forget the store-bought mix because this kit makes the perfect cocktail.

11. BLACK+DECKER Cocktail Maker Machine

If you’ve always dreamed of gifting someone with a home bar, then this gift is perfect! The perfect at-home adult drink can be made with the push of a button thanks to this home bar!

12. Nostalgia Taco Tuesday Electric Lime Juicer & Margarita Kit

Gifting an electric lime juicer is a smart idea. Getting to make a margarita from home is one of the best gifts! This kit comes with everything from margarita glasses to salt and sugar rimmer.

13. Margarita Infusion Kit

Why waste time drinking something you don’t enjoy? This is a great gift for someone that likes to do the dirty work themselves. This infusion kit allows you to add flavor to your cocktails!

14. Sugar-free Jordan’s Skinny Mixes Margarita

Sugar-free mixers? Yes, sir! These sugar-free mixers are an ideal gift for someone who enjoys drinking but doesn’t want to deal with the calories.

15. Margarita Cocktail Set for Craft Cocktail Lovers

Would you like to make margaritas wherever you are? This cocktail travel bar kit is what you need. It includes a cocktail muddler, recipe and premium ingredients to make the best margaritas.

16. Thoughtfully: Natural Ingredient Cocktail Mixers

Stick to real ingredients thanks to these cocktail mixers. Gift these to someone who appreciates natural ingredients in their cocktails!

17. Watermelon Margarita Cocktail Bucket

Do you know someone that loves watermelon margaritas? If so, this cocktail bucket will rock their world. It’s a fun bucket that comes with 1.2L of watermelon margarita mix & large 3L cocktail bucket! This fun gift also includes a front spout. Happy gifting and drinking.

18. Margarita Gift Set: Body Scrub, Lip Balm, Lip Scrub & Soap

Margarita lovers tend to enjoy other types of gifts too! This gift set is the perfect example. This gift set comes with 1 Body Scrub, 1 Soap, 1 Lip Balm, and 1 Lip Scrub in a gift box.

19. Marg my words Spoon and Pitcher Set

Sometimes it’s just a margarita kind of day and this pitcher set says it all. If you’re looking for something unique to gift the person in your life, consider this pitcher set!

Gifts for Margarita Lovers Under $20

20. Squeaky Margarita Pet Toy

For the margarita lover who is a pet mom too! Seeing a pet play with this margarita pet toy will bring so much joy to all who receive it.

21. Prank Gift Box”Shower Margarita Machine”

Remember you only tease those you truly love! This shower margarita machine is just a prank, but it will provide hours of laughing for whoever you gift it to.

22. Pride Cocktail Salt

This multi colored cocktail set is a great gift for someone you love. The salt is a vibrant mix of colors, made with Iodine free salt.

23. LAVA Premium Flavors Rimmers

If someone you love enjoys a cocktail every now and again, then these cocktail rimmers will make them very happy! This set uses real jalapeno powder, real key lime juice crystals, and natural sea salt.

24. Extra Salty Margarita Key Fob

Do you know someone who likes the rims on their margaritas extra salty? Grab this fun key fob that has a cute image with the words “extra salty” written on it.

25. I Need A Huge Margarita shirt

Gift this margarita t-shirt to someone you know that needs a HUGE drink. The shirt is just the icing on the cake! The drink they’re going to have is the true prize.

26. Margarita initial necklace 

If you know a friend that LOVES margaritas, gift them this margarita initial necklace. You can choose which initial you want to place on the necklace.

27. Margaritas keychain

Enjoying a good drink is one of life’s greatest gifts. Celebrate those moments with someone you love by gifting them this keychain!


28. Hand Blown Margarita Glassware Set

Looking for a unique gift set for someone you love? This margarita glassware set is classy is handmade in Mexico by a master glassblower.

29. Mud Pie Lime and Salt Rimmer Margarita Set

Have a friend with a sense of humor? Gift them this margarita set. They will get a ceramic plate that’s ideal for salt rimming, plus it has a really cute saying on it. “Squeeze me baby one more lime” & “hit me with your best salt” are the two sayings!

30. Host Margarita FREEZE Cooling Cups

Knowing someone that loves margaritas means gifting them with practical gifts sometimes. A person that loves margaritas NEEDS these cooling cups. They keep your margaritas COLD!

31. Custom Made Margarita Glass

Wouldn’t gifting a personalized margarita glass be cool? Now the person you are gifting can enjoy their margarita in this personalized glass. Talk about classy!

32. Cactus Margarita Glass Set

Looking for a unique gift idea for someone you love? This gift set comes cactus style!

33. Epure Firenze Collection 4 Piece Classic Margarita Glass Set 

Enjoying a drink with friends makes life worth living. This set of four glasses holds 10 ounces and can hold any of your favorite drinks including a margarita, cocktail, or mixed drink.

34. Mexican Glass Margarita Cactus

Add a little fun to Friday and Saturday nights with this set of four margarita glasses. These glasses are individually hand-blown!

35. Margarita Dispenser with Removable Ice-Cone

Being able to make a large drink at one time is a lot of fun! Made with glass like materials, this 3.5 gallon beverage dispenser won’t shatter. Perfect for an adult party!

36. This Should Be A Margarita Coffee Mug

For margarita lovers, drinking coffee can be a little disappointing. However, this “this should be a margarita” mug can make drinking coffee a little more bearable.

37. Z-Stem Margarita Glass

Margaritas can be served in a variety of glasses and this margarita glass proves that. Gift this Z-stem glass to someone you know that loves fun drinking glasses.

38. Entertaining Set with 7 Margarita Glasses and Pitcher

Sometimes entertaining a big crowd can be hard if you don’t have the right tools. Gift this entertaining set! It comes with 7 beautiful margarita glasses plus a pitcher.

39. Rose Gold Cocktail Shaker Set

Help someone stock their house up with the right bartending tools. This cocktail set comes with 14 pieces to help make the best drinks possible.

40. Happy Hour Stickers

Gift a friend with these happy hour stickers! This set comes with 24 colorful images that represent some of the best cocktails that can be made.

Tumblers, Coozies, Bottles, Books & More

41. Color Changing Margarita cup

This cup is perfect for drinking a margarita! Keeping a drink cold is a great gift.

42. Mama Needs a Margarita Tumbler with Lid

Do you know a Mamacita in your life that could benefit from this Tumbler? The saying on this tumbler is cute and everyone could use an extra tumbler for their favorite drink.

43. Inflatable Palm Tree Pool Cooler & Drink Holders Set

Mix the love of palm trees and a good cocktail with this gift set. Perfect for parties, drinks can be stored in this cooler.

44. Margarita Sentiment Coaster Set

Coasters are an important asset to any home that enjoys a good drink. These margarita themed coasters are a great gift option.

45. Personalized Margarita Coaster

Sometimes personalizing a gift is more fun than just buying something random. Gift these personalized margarita coasters as a surprise for someone in your life.

46. This is Probably a Margarita Tumbler

Keep people guessing what you’re drinking with this margarita tumbler. The saying says it all on the front. This would make a great gift for someone you know!

47. Tres Agaves Lime and Strawberry Margarita

Give the gift of being able to make one’s own margarita right at home. This cocktail mixer will allow the gift recipient to make their own cocktail right in their own home.

48. Spicy Margarita Drink Mix

Are you looking to gift a Keto friendly cocktail option? This Spicy Margarita mix is Keto friendly, but also super delicious.

49. Spicy Watermelon Habanero Margarita Mix

Help someone learn to make their own cocktails with this mixer. It makes a great gift for someone that enjoys making their own drinks.

50. Watercolor Margarita Art Print

Anyone who appreciates art will also love this Margarita Art Print. It’s made with watercolor and makes an awesome display on any wall.

51. The Great Margarita Book

Learning how to make margaritas is a true gift. This margarita book is the book of knowledge when it comes to learning how to make the best drinks.

52. Are You There God? It’s Me, Margarita (book)

Learning how to make a cocktail? Gift this book to someone who wants to know how to make a margarita. This book was written by Tim Federle, a best selling author.

53. Mission: Margarita (book)

Another fun book option for someone that loves to read but also loves margs is this Margarita book. This book is over 300 pages and has 250 recipes for making your favorite margaritas.

54. When life gives you Lemons…. Notebook

This book cover is so fun! It’s perfect for anyone who wants to keep track of their favorite margarita recipes.

55. Blank Cookbook: Margaritas and other tequila cocktails

Writing down those margaritas and tequila recipes just got a whole lot easier. This makes an excellent gift for someone who needs to keep track of their favorite recipes.

For the Kitchen

56. Funny Kitchen Towel

Need a huge margarita? This kitchen towel is perfect for the margarita lover. It has a funny saying and is made with quality.

57. Frozen Concoction Maker

Making your own frozen drinks is a lot easier than you think. Buy this for your friend, so they can make you a frozen margarita anytime you’re at their house.

Baking cookies is a lot of fun, but this cookie cutter makes baking even more fun. Surprise your friend or family member with this margarita glass cookie cutter and start baking the day away.

59. I Love Margarita Personalized Coffee Mug

Know someone that enjoys margaritas and coffee? Grab this personalized coffee mug for them in honor of their love for this specialized drink.

60. Nostalgia Margarita & Slush Machine

Making a slushee or margarita at home in your own kitchen is so fun. This makes a great gift for someone! It comes with everything you need to make your own margarita right at home.

61. Magnet Blame it on The Margarita

Sometimes you just need to blame your problems on someone else. Giving this magnet as a fun gift is a great idea.

62. MEASURE Cocktail Recipe Glass

Learning how to “measure” cocktails is fun! This cocktail glass will help someone learn the art of various recipe. This makes an awesome gift. Learn how to make different popular drinks.

63. Margarita Cutting Board

Want to gift someone with a fun cutting board? This cutting board will totally do the trick and make an awesome gift.

64. How to Make a Margarita Magnet Set

This magnet set comes with the knowledge of how to make a margarita. This is a very well put together gift option, plus it’s cute!

65. Fridge Magnet: Just a Girl Who Loves Flamingos and Margaritas

Do you know someone that loves flamingos and margaritas? Well, this magnet is a great gift option for them.

66. This Girl Runs On Tacos And Margaritas Cooking Apron

Grab this cooking apron for the taco and margarita lover in your life. It’s a fun kitchen tool, plus it has an adorable saying on it. Don’t miss out on gifting this apron!

67. When Life give me Lemons I Make Margaritas Tea Towel

This tea towel is an awesome gift option. If you know someone that loves margaritas, then this tea towel is the gift to buy them.

Apparel & Accessories Gifts for Margarita Lovers

68. I NEED A HUGe margarita… Funny V-neck t-shirt

Grab this v-neck t-shirt with this fun saying! The person you buy it for will enjoy wearing it to all of those fun parties they are invited to.

69. Chippin Dippin Margarita Sippin Tank Top

Give this tank top as a gift and the person can wear their love for margaritas on their body. This is such a fun gift idea.

70. Margaritas Made Me Do It Shirt T-shirt

Hey, sometimes these t-shirts are the ideal gift. Grab this “margaritas made me do it” t-shirt and make someone in your life very happy.

71. Just Here for The Margaritas Workout Tee

Working out should be fun. With this margaritas workout t-shirt will make life a little more fun for the person who receives it as a gift.

72. Margarita Necklace with Funny Card

Margaritas are for drinking, but this necklace will take a person’s love for margaritas to the next level.

73. Margarita Silver Stud Earrings

If you know someone that enjoys wearing jewelry + loves margaritas, then these stud earrings are perfect. They are made in the USA and are classified as Artisan handmade jewelry.

74. Margarita Face Mask

Face masks may be essential, but they can also be made with a little fun. This comfortable face mask can be customised with your favorite cocktail glass.

75. Margarita Charm Bracelet

Margaritas are life and this charm bracelet celebrates that! Made with quality, this bracelet has several different drink charms!

76. Margarita Glass Mini Flask Keychain

It’s time to update the margarita lover in your life’s keychain. This key chain represents a little flask with fun colors!

77. Margarita Keychain

There is no doubt that life is a little better with a margarita in your hand. This keychain has cute margarita glass on it, a great gift for any occasion.

78. Margaritas Por Favor, Bucket Hat

Sometimes you just need a margarita and this bucket hat celebrates that. When you gift this hat, remind them that it’s perfect for them!

79. Margarita Beach Towel Holders

Know someone that needs a beach towel holder? This margarita beach towel holder does not disappoint. What a great gift idea!

80. Sit & Sip Floating Seat

A beach floatie that you can float and sip with? Brigth colors and a well put together floatie, this is the perfect gift idea!

81. Customized Leggings Beach Party Margaritas

If you know someone that can’t go a day without wearing leggings, then grab these as a gift for them. Made with quality material, these leggings have the perfect saying on them!

82. Tag Tracker for bags or pets

Never allow anyone to leave their house again without this tag tracker. It’s perfect for bags or pets!

83. Drinking Margaritas with My Señoritas Tote Bag

This tote bag is perfect for those getting ready for the party of a life time or celebrate your bachelorette. It is fashionable and durable!

84 Margarita Drawstring Bagpack

Grab this drawstring bag pack for the margarita lover in your life. This bag pack has plenty of room and is comfortable enough to wear all day long as you explore and sightsee.

85. I Wonder… Funny Quote Swappable Grip for Phones & Tablets

A cute pop socket is all a margarita lover can ask for. Choose this Margaritas and tacos pop socket for the right person in your life.

86. Margarita Pajama Sleep Pant

If you’re going to go to sleep, then these pajama sleep pants are a must buy. It makes a great gift for the margarita lover in your life. Made with high-quality material, these sleep pants are just so comfortable.

87. Tropical Leggings

Lounge around in style thanks to these comfy leggings. Margarita themed, they make the best gift. A perfect gift idea!

88. Wake Me For Margaritas Sleep Mask

Don’t you dare wake someone up that loves margaritas without having one in your hands. Gift this sleep mask for the margarita lover in your life. This is a budget friendly gift that anyone can enjoy!

89. Margaritas Throw Blanket

Stay warm this winter thanks to this margarita throw blanket. When wrapped up with this blanket and a margarita in their hand, your gift recipient will be extra happy.

90. Funny Margarita Pillow

Add a splash of fun decor to someone’s home with this pillow. This cozy “I just want to drink margaritas and pet my dog” pillow is a fun gift that any dog owner would love to receive!

91. Classy Margarita Case for iPhone

Know someone that needs a case for their iPhone? Make sure you grab this drinking margarita case. It is classy and it will keep your iPhone protected – what a win-win.

92. Margarita Lover Personalized Cosmetic Bag

Help your gift recipient keep their makeup protected with this cosmetic bag. You can’t go wrong gifting a fun themed makeup bag to someone, especially if they love margs.

93. Margarita Insulated Lunch Bag

Taking your lunch to work can be boring. However, give this margarita insulated lunch bag as a gift to someone and their lunch time will never be boring again!

For the Home

94. Two Cats Eating Taco and Drink Margaritas

Help someone complete their home’s decor by gifting them this fun wall art print. It’s available in multiple sizes and is just so fun to look at! Watching two cats eating tacos and drinking margaritas is hilarious!

95. Spicy Margarita Recipe White Framed Art Print

Sometimes it can be hard to remember this recipe of your favorite margarita. This art print not only has a pretty frame, but it also has the margarita recipe listed for all to see.

96. Margarita Themed Cornhole Game

Take the love of mixed drinks to a whole new level with this game. Cornhole is a game that can last for hours. Drink margaritas while enjoying this game with a fellow margarita lover.

97. Patio Margarita Light Set

Imagine sitting outside with your friend under this margarita light set. The margarita icons on the light set bring a whole new meaning to porch relaxation.

98. Welcome Mat: Come back with tacos (AND MARGARITAS)

No one can come in the home of a margarita lover without tacos and margaritas. Give this welcome mat as a gift and watch the gift recipient smile!

99. When Life Gives You Limes Make Margaritas, Margaritas Sign

Sometimes life will give you limes and you just need to make margaritas with them. This margarita sign is a tiered sign that will go great anywhere in a home or bar.

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