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9 Easy Christmas Jello Shot Recipes

These festive and fun Christmas jello shots come together quickly with minimal prep. In some cases, you’ll need just 2 or 3 ingredients! From Grinch jello shots to Santa Hat jello shots, you’ll find the perfect one for your next holiday party!

These Holiday Jello Shots Are Perfect for Entertaining

When it comes to parties, jello shots are the one thing you’ll always find me making. They’re crazy simple and always put a smile on guests’ faces (likely as they remember their college days!). Plus, they’re one thing I can prep a day in advance and have ready to go.

These Christmas jello shots aren’t your basic jello shots either and are definitely not like the ones you drank in college. Instead, they’re fun and festive with easy garnishes like whipped cream and strawberries to create a Santa hat.

Some of these will even pass for dessert. The sugar cookie pudding shot is seriously out of this world!

What You Need to Make Jello Shots

In reality, you won’t need much at all. You can get by with just condiment cups and the ingredients, though there are a few things that will make your life easier, such as:

  • Condiment cups – Unless you have a large stash of shot glasses, you’ll want to make your jello shots in condiment cups. Most jello shots are made in 2 ounce condiment cups but if you want the shots to go further, you can use 1 ounce condiment cups instead.
  • Sauce pan – You’ll want to use a decent, non-stick saucepan for preparing your jello shots. We like this one.
  • Baster – A baster is my secret to easily filling the jello shot cups, without making a mess!
  • Measuring cups – To ensure you’re adding the right amount of water and liquor, you’ll want a decent measuring cup as well.

Can I Make Jello Shots in Advance?

Absolutely – and you should! Jello shots need at least 4 to 6 hours to set, though overnight is best. I always recommend making these Christmas jello shots a day in advance, so they have plenty of time to set.

You will want to wait until just before serving to add any garnishments, though!

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