sparkling tequila kiss cocktail

Sparkling Tequila Kiss

A Sparkling Tequila Kiss is the perfect cocktail for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Nothing gets the heart beating like a romantic cocktail, especially if it’s sweet, sparkly, and ready in seconds. All you’ll have to do is mix tequila with sparkling juice, add a simple garnish, and let Cupid do the rest!

Valentines day cocktail made with tequila and strawberries next to a bowl of strawberries and a bottle of tequila

Sparkling Tequila Kiss Cocktail

Bubbly drinks are perfect for special occasions. We toast with champagne on New Year’s Eve, share pitchers of mimosas on Christmas morning, and sip sparkling wine to celebrate birthdays with friends. So, of course, there’s no better way to celebrate Valentine’s than with a sparkly drink.

The Sparkling Tequila Kiss cocktail is a great choice. It requires only 2 main ingredients and an optional garnish to make it pretty. You don’t need any fancy equipment or a blender. Just pour together over ice, and you’re done. 

More time gazing lovingly into one another’s eyes and less time prepping in the kitchen? That’s a definite win on Valentine’s, your anniversary, or even just a Saturday night in.

What’s the Difference Between a Tequila Kiss and a Sparkling Tequila Kiss?

A tequila kiss is a margarita-style drink that mixes triple sec, tequila, and lime juice. This sparkling drink is made with sparkling juice and tequila, for a sweeter, less margarita-like drink.

There are other similar-named recipes as well. Here are a few other pretty drinks you might like for a special occasion:

ingredients to make sparkling tequila kiss cocktail

What You’ll Need

To make the perfect Valentine’s Day Sparkling Kiss cocktail, you need a few simple ingredients and garnishes for a bubbly drink that’s as pretty as it is delicious.

  • Tequila – You don’t have to buy the most expensive bottle, but a mid-range tequila will be a lot smoother than the cheap stuff. 
  • Welch’s Sparkling Strawberry Daiquiri Juice CocktailYou can find this at Walmart, Amazon, and a few other shops. Search online for a retailer near you.
  • Fresh Strawberries – Give them a good wash and remove the stems if they look wilted. Cut a slice in the bottom of the strawberries so they’ll slide onto the rim of a glass.
  • Mint Leaves – Carefully wash and dry your mint leaves just before serving so they stay looking fresh.
  • Ice Cubes – Have enough on hand to fill a few glasses because you’ll definitely want seconds (or thirds).
a bottle of tequila, a glass with ice and a tray with strawberries and mint leaves, the main ingredients to make a  sparkling tequila kiss cocktail

How to Make A Sparkling Tequila Kiss

Before you begin, make sure your garnishes are cleaned and cut and ready to go.

  • Add Ice. Begin by filling a glass with ice cubes. You can make this drink tall or in a rocks glass. Decide based on how strong you want your drink to be.
  • Add Tequila. Use a shot glass to measure out one ounce of tequila. Pour it slowly over the ice.
  • Add Juice. Pour the Sparkling Strawberry Daiquiri Juice Cocktail over the ice and allow it to mix with the tequila. You can give it a gentle mix with a cocktail stirrer if you’d like.
  • Garnish. Make your cocktail extra pretty by adding strawberry and mint leaves to the rim of your glass.
  • Serve. These are best enjoyed fresh while they’re cold and extra bubbly. Cheers!

Tips for Making the Perfect Sparkling Tequila Kiss

This drink is pretty simple to make, but as all great bartenders know, there are tips and tricks that can take your drink from good to great.

  • Use cold tequila. It will help your drink stay cold longer, will bring out the flavor of the alcohol, and enhance the carbonation of the sparkling juice. Just toss the bottle in the freezer a few hours before making your drinks.
  • Add a little extra tequila. This drink is sweet, so if you’d like, add an extra tequila shot.
  • Make a kid-friendly / non-alcoholic version. Without alcohol, this drink is only one ingredient: sparkling juice. But luckily, the sparkling juice is yummy and a bit fancy on its own, so it’s great for serving to kids or if you just want a non-alcoholic treat. Garnish and sip away.
sparkling tequila kiss cocktail for valentines day garnished with a strawberry and mint leaves

Serving Suggestions and Substitutions

This recipe is for a classic Sparkling Tequila Kiss. You can easily change up the recipe to make other great combinations. Here are our serving suggestions and substitutions.

  • This recipe is great before dinner or as a dessert drink because it’s quite sweet. You might not want to serve it with your main course, but that’s up to you!
  • If you don’t love strawberry flavor, Welch’s makes a few other bubbly drinks, including sparkling red or green grape juice, that will substitute nicely.
  • Strawberries and mint look lovely with this drink, but you can also garnish with Valentine’s candy if you’d like.
  • Tequila – You can substitute tequila in this recipe with Mezcal, Tequila Rose, white rum, or vodka, but each will give a different flavor.

How to Store/Can This Be Made In Advance

STORAGE: You can store leftover Sparkling Tequila Kiss in the fridge in a glass or jar with a lid. Keep in mind that, like a can of soda, the fizziness will disappear, and your cocktail will probably be flat when you drink it again. Store for up to 3 days before discarding.

We don’t recommend making this drink ahead of time. That’s because the carbon dioxide in the sparkling juice will eventually bubble out, and the drink will be flat. Best to make it fresh and serve it right away.

Can I Make This For a Group?

Yes, you can make Sparkling Tequila Kiss for a group. Here’s how:

  • Freeze a large piece of ice in a round food storage container. Place the ice in one chunk in a large punch bowl.
  • Pour sparkling juice over the ice until the punch bowl is almost full.
  • For every container of juice you add, measure out 3-4 shots of tequila (depending on your preference).
  • Pour the alcohol over the ice into the punch bowl.
  • Give it a light stir and serve.
  • Each time you fill the bowl, add an appropriate ratio of juice to tequila. 
  • You can also add strawberries to the punch bowl to make it look pretty.

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sparkling tequila kiss cocktail

Sparkling Tequila Kiss

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A Sparkling Tequila Kiss is the perfect cocktail for your Valentine’s Day celebration. Nothing gets the heart beating like a romantic cocktail, especially if it’s sweet, sparkly, and ready in seconds.

  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 1 cocktail


  • Tequila
  • Welch’s Sparkling Strawberry Daiquiri Juice Cocktail (Walmart)
  • Fresh Strawberries 
  • Mint Leaves 
  • Ice Cubes


  1. Fill a glass with ice cubes.
  2. Pour in 1 shot of tequila.
  3. Top off with Welch’s Sparkling Strawberry Daiquiri Juice Cocktail. 
  4. Garnish with strawberries & mint leaves.
  5. Cheers. 
  • Author: Easy Party Cocktails
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Additional Time: 0 hours
  • Cook Time: 0 hours
  • Category: Cocktails
  • Cuisine: American


  • Serving Size: 1
  • Calories: 669
  • Sugar: 65
  • Sodium: 156
  • Fat: 1
  • Saturated Fat: 0
  • Unsaturated Fat: 0
  • Trans Fat: 0
  • Carbohydrates: 80
  • Fiber: 5
  • Protein: 2
  • Cholesterol: 0

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